First Slovak Allergen,yeast free bakery!

ID: 35054

We are one and only bakery manufacture in Czech/Slovakia who make full allergen free bakery products , also without using any yeast or sourdough !


You would like to contact the manufacturer and apply for the agency offer? Then please verify now.

Dear ! Our bakery manufacture in Slovakia is looking for new partners at Austria and countries nearby us, we make our products in versions: fresh (non packed), packed-in PP sacket only in vacuum and modified atmosphere /no conservants used! Shelf lifes are at sweet snails 14days and all bread and baguettes 21days! and some other produts up to 30days! We can offer also deliveries on pallets by 1-2days everywhere in Austria. We also can do both side white displaycartons/traypack to retails shelves. We also do another full glutenfree products in our bakery like flour mixtures, Granolas,Musli, breadcrumbs etc. and in our packaging plant we flours,oils, sweeteners, fats, -we import lot of healthy lifestyle and organic products from countries of their origin like Indinesia, Philippines,Pakistan,Tunisia,China etc. 

 Please dont hesitate to contact us! 

Product Ranges and Products

Foodstuffs, Wines, Liquors:  Baked goods, Natural foods, organic foods, health food store products

Customers and Target Groups

Food and beverage industry, luxury foods industry, tobacco, Restaurants, hotels, Retail trade (with outlets or branches), Retail trade (without outlets or branches)

Sales Region

all Austrian regions