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Extrude Hone build finishing machines, offer Contract Shop services and provide aftermarket support.


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Extrude Hone® serves customers in many market segments, including automotive, aerospace, heavy industry, medical, and general engineering.

We are long term partners of our customers since we joined the industry in the early 60’s. We are truly global which is a benefit for our global customers. And we are unique o by offering the choice between capital investment and contract shop services.

In modern world, when regulations are more stringent and end applications are highly demanding. Finishing that encompass Deburring, Polishing, Radiusing, Shaping and Flow Tuning of metallic components plays even more important role in manufacturing.

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We design and build capital equipment machines and tooling for:        

Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM)                                                                                                      

Electrochemical Machining(ECM)                                                                                                                           

Thermal Deburring (TEM).

We also offer access to these technologies in our Contract Shops.

We provide Aftermarket (Spares and consumables) for above products all around the world.

 We are playing in all industries, with our main markets being Automotive & Trucks (thermic engines but also EV and hybrid), Fluidic connectors (air, fuel, water, chemistries), Aerospace (jet engines, rockets, satellites), Semiconductor, Medical, Extrusion and General engineering.

We can finish F1 critical parts one day and help to accomplish a breakthrough for a spinal prosthetic the next one. We can deliver thermal deburring equipment to the Fluid Power industry to deburr manifolds in high volume production while another team do collaborative engineering on air flow components with an aeronautic customer.

Product Ranges and Products

Engineering:  Machinery, Machinery, industrial equipment: Industrial devices, industrial equipment, Machinery, industrial equipment: Precision tools, measuring instruments

Customers and Target Groups

Aircraft construction, rail vehicle construction, military technology, Engineering firms, company of consulting engineers, Engineers, Mechanical engineering, plant construction, apparatus engineering, Metal industry, Vehicle industry, automotive, commercial vehicle construction

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Sales Region

Norway; Sweden; Finnland; Danmark; UK; Ireland